Saturday, 30 March 2013

Having Fun !!!!

Hi Everyone....Just a quick post as this week has been very busy, both at work and crafting. Still trying to get rid of this horrible head cold too !! 

I just wanted to say 'Happy Easter' to those of you who celebrate it and as always I hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you are doing x 
Its a holiday weekend here in the UK and so I do not return to work until Tuesday.......Yipee !! 

Below is a quick look at some new stamps I have been playing with from LaBlanche. I first saw this stamp  on a tag made by the very talented Astrid McLean of Astrid's Artistic Efforts and she kindly informed me of the make.( When the stamp arrived I realised that I already had a LaBlanche stamp that my lovely mum had bought for me, but i had not got round to playing with it !!)  It's a silicone stamp and you don't have to put great pressure on it to obtain a clear image. Great if you have difficulty with dexterity. 

I used both of the stamps I have, inking up just some of the areas. Like I said it was great fun playing but now I have to go and catch up with chores that I cannot leave any longer. My craft room also requires a bit of a tidy up too.

Best Wishes and Have fun x

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  1. Lovely ! happy Easter, hugs, Marion

  2. Ohhhh! Love the way you combined the stamps. I was wondering how the La Blanche stamps stamped. Looks like you were able to get really get images with yours. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. wow Annie.. this is a great stamping -collage with the fantastic La lanche images ..I really love this face and LaBlanche made it into a very romantic Steampunkstamp.. I think ..adorable image...

    you brought this image to full of romance and beauty!
    Happy Easter!

    xxx Susi

  4. Truly beautiful. You always know what to do with this kind of stamping Annie,whereas I have not always got a clue. Love the colours you have used. Enjoy your evening. Me, I'm still in fluffing around like a headless chicken trying to do so many things. Hugs Mum xxxx

  5. Anonymous3/30/2013

    Hi Annie
    Glad you found time for a bit of a play between chores.
    Love the colours, blended so beautifully and then the power of that central image. Stunning!
    Happy Easter Weekend.
    (P.S. Will catch-up soon, fallen behind with everything this week!)

  6. Really eye-catching and intriguing piece Annie. Fabulous depth with beautiful stamping. Nicola x

  7. Hi Annie, I love, love, love that gorgeous background you have created and your stamps are wonderful too. A truly beautiful piece of work. Hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend. Big hugs, Anne x

  8. So fun. Love the background and the design - very eye catching.

  9. Wow wow, Annie, what a great steampunk!...Amazing colours etc...lovely

    Happy Easter, Alie :-)

  10. Gorgeous work, Love the background & colours, I have a few of these stamps they are fabulous... Have a great Easter... Hugs May x x x x

  11. Really gorgeous, Annie! I've been coveting that central stamp whenever I see it too... and you've done beautiful work with it here... Hope you enjoy your extended weekend, and get the rest that allows you to finally throw off the cold, and feel better ready for Spring (if it ever comes)...
    Alison xx

  12. This is awesome! I love it!

  13. FANTASTIC Annie the stamped background is fabulous and the images in the circle perfect, the hint of blue gorgeous, thanks for sharing this creative piece, and Miss Astrid is fabulous artist..

  14. Wow Annie, this looks fantastic, LOVE what you did with those la Blanche stamps!! Great colours and design, and yes, aren't they fun to play with!!

    Happy Easter to you too, hope you don't get too bogged down with chores...
    Waving hi from down under!!

  15. Love this stamp and how you have used it Annie, a great piece.
    Happy Easter Sunday.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  16. Anonymous3/31/2013

    Beautiful project Annie, love the colours you've used and the stamps are gorgeous ! Happy Easter to you, hope you have a lovely day ! Sue C x

  17. What great stamps, your project is lovely, I can understand why you wanted them. I hope you have a lovely Easter, I so need to tidy my craft room too! X

  18. This is clever Annie. Love the way you have drawn the eye in towards the face in the middle. Have a wonderful Easter, hugs Jenny x

  19. Happy Easter, Annie. This is absolutely gorgeous,
    Rosie x

  20. WOnderful images...Fun too! Love this! Happy Easter to you! Hope you feel better!

  21. Hi Annie :)
    Happy Easter to you as well (yesterday) and I do hope you're getting back to par. This crazy weather is not helping! Your project put me in a trance. I love how prominent the center image is and when you try to look around the edges, your eye is really drawn back to it. It's a beautiful piece of art and very well crafted!
    Enjoy your free time...

  22. Annie....your card using the LaBlanche clock collage stamp is really lovely. I love the colors and the way you have collaged the images on your card. So pretty! You have really created a lovely piece with the masked brown-ish background and the different collaged stamps on top. I love all of the stamps you've used and your design is really nice. I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment about the Santa plane. I inadvertently deleted it by mistake...but I wanted you to know that I saw it, read it and appreciate it. <3 Candy

  23. Great and beautiful project Annie.
    Fabulous stamps and colors.
    Greetings Janny

  24. hi Annie, gorgeous project. I love your new stamp and that background is fab! hope your cold is better soon
    Claire xx

  25. How cool, that's a gorgeous piece of art.

  26. Fantastic piece and I love the details of the stamps you used. Came to your blog off Lynn' glad to pay a visit and see an artist from Scotland. My grandparent's lived in Ayr. Have a great day!

  27. So gorgeous! I love the LaBlanche stamps. How nice of your mom to pick that beauty up for you!

  28. Fantastic creation, haven't heard about these stamps before! =)
    Hugs, Elenor


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