Monday, 21 November 2016

Paloma visits Ayrshire, Scolkand, UK

Hi everyone...many of you will be aware of Paloma, the Bird of Peace, who is visiting the homes/countries of crafters all over the world. Paloma started her journey in France and has travelled worldwide. Details of her journey can be found HERE on Lys's blog
Today Paloma has arrived in Ayrshire, safe and sound with her new passport, as her previous one was lost in transit, She was accompanied by a beautiful card, all made by Astrid of Astrid's Artistic Efforts.

Paloma is now heading  off on another journey and I am sure you will be able to follow the destinations by clicking the post " Where Is Paloma?" by clicking HERE

Safe travels sweet bird xxxxx

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  1. WE all need peace, that's for sure. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wonderful that paloma has been to visit you annie! Big hugs rachel x

  3. Great to see that Paloma has arrived safely with her new 'passport' and I hope she enjoys her onward travels. Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Safe travels to Paloma with her stunning new passport - she is travelling in great style. Nicola x

  5. Thanks so much for hosting Paloma and leaving her take flight to her new destination.

  6. Is this ever gorgeous! LOVE the braded dove, and love the book, and love the globe...awesome and inspirational!

  7. So glad she arrived safely, hopefully her onward travels will go well, and thanks for the shout out. Have a lovely week! xxx

  8. Hi Annie, I think it's the first time I visit you! :)
    Your blog and your crafts look great, I just don't know you well, I'm sorry.
    So good to know that Paloma is safe with a new passport!... It looks adorable, as well as the card you have received from Astrid, very beautiful!!!
    Hope Paloma can continue safely her wonderful travel thanks to you and all our generous craft community. Isn't it fantastic?
    I have loved welcoming her as far I'm concerned!
    Warmly, Coco x

  9. Lovely to see Paloma has visited you! I am also on her list of travels! Such a wonderful adventure for Paloma and all of us! hugs,Jackie


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